Carpet Cleaners – How to Make your Carpet Long Lasting?

July 2, 2019

 Carpet cleaning is one of the household chores that needs consistency and regularity


Same with rug cleaning, it is best to have it done by licensed carpet cleaners  orcleaning company with a scheduled basis for maintenance. Both rugs and carpets add style and comfort to houses. They should be done in a proper and intense cleaning with, of course, organic cleaning products with no strong chemical to maintain its hypoallergenic feature.

Dirt that stay in the carpet for a long time is very harmful for the household as it leads to the development of allergies, be it on the skin or on any other body parts, asthma or other respiratory illnesses. Carpets, if maintained properly, can last for a long time. If you think that you’re too busy and won’t have any time for maintaining your household stuff, then discard the thought of buying a carpet, because just like babies, carpets need to be taken cared of, plus it should be consistent.

If it’s too much of a hassle for you to hire a company to clean your carpet, here are some simple do-it-yourself ways in cleaning your own.

  • Vacuum your carpet.

It helps in removing any dust or small particles in it that cannot be seen with our naked eye. Use a nozzle attachment to reach difficult areas, such as those parts wherein furniture cannot be moved. Vacuum both vertically and horizontally. This can be helpful if you have pets where their fur can stick too much in the carpet.

  • Shampoo and sundry.

Use organic shampoo for your carpet and let it be dried out in the sun for a couple of hours until it is completely dry. Avoid placing wet carpet inside your house to avoid stench and smell.

  • Obtain a proper carpet brush.

Regular dusting helps in maintaining the good quality of the carpet.

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