Dryer vent cleaning near me Safety Tips To Consider

The lint from your dryer is highly inflammable and can instantly cause fire. This fire hazard can quickly spread into your house, or worst, up to your neighbourhood. Another common cause of fire is from a clogged dryer vent. Furthermore, this problem can be prevented easily through regular cleaning and inspection of your dryer vent.

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There are many cleaning companies that provides air duct cleaning orange county services. Their dryer vent cleaners are indeed professionals. Although you can clean your own dryer from from its lint catcher to its tailpipe, there are still some other areas that only professionals can see. These include pipes that runs through ceilings or walls. Without hiring a pro dryer vent cleaner, some areas will be neglected and result to a scary fire hazard. Here are the safety tips you need to consider to make sure your dryer is safe at all times.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Safety Tips

  1. The dryer will work effectively if you will first clean the lint catch before the process of drying. There are times that the lint catch seem to be moist because of the lint inside. Try to scrub the lint catch properly at least once a week.
  • There are certain clothes that can be a caused of fire hazard. Those clothes are categorized as inflammable such as rugs made out of rubber and leather clothes.
  • Inspect the exhaust system if there are lint inside. Do this regularly.
  • When drying, take a look if the flaps of your dryer is working properly and if the air is not restricted.
  • Take a look at your dryer vents and get rid of all the lint you can find.
  • Hire an expert to make sure that your dryer vent is properly cleaned and safe to use.

Don’t think it’s a waste to hire a dryer vent cleaner if your family safety is your top priority.